YOU can contribute to the Bitcoin War Bonds series, anon!

Only 100 slots for contributor artworks will ever exist, represented by 100 editions of the historic WARBONDS.BURN-SACRIFICE on-chain bitcoin stamp token (largest to date!)

In the spirit of tradition, there will exist 100 "cards" that are needed to enter an artwork into the Bitcoin War Bonds series as a contributing artist (anyone other than Tommy).

This "Fake Rares"-style mechanic has one major twist – instead of 'DESTROYING' the token to confirm submission into the series, an artist must 'BURN' the token by sending it to Satoshi's genesis address: 1A1zP1eP5QGefi2DMPTfTL5SLmv7DivfNa – this ensures that as the final token is 'BURNED' the final market data is permanently stored in an immutable record on the most famous BTC address in existence.

I hope this "PROOF-OF-BURN" method works well as an homage to the origins of Counterparty (XCP) itself, and that it results in a tightly-curated collection of Bitcoin War Bonds -themed propaganda masterworks by top artists in the space.

I look forward to seeing all of your submissions. As autocratic ruler over the Bitcoin War Bonds series, I plan to be hypercritical and favor physical artwork over low-effort attempts.

Not an artist? I hope collectors see this piece as worthy of their wallet as it will become harder and harder to acquire as burns happen, making it the first-largest named stamp with a built in rarity boosting mechanism – HODL until 99 artworks have been added and you can consider your BURN-SACRIFICE a 1/1, and verify by checking the token balance on Satoshi's genesis address.

More information revealed at start of token sale, DATE TBA.

Happy Birthday Satoshi!


100 editions

TOKEN SALE TBA - Follow @BitcoinWarBonds for drop


P.S. WARBONDS.BURN-SACRIFICE is one of those nifty "STAMPS" meaning it is an immutable and un-prunable UTXO-based asset, probably the largest of its kind

Stamps and Ordinals are both amazing bitcoin technologies, and Bitcoin War Bonds is dedicated to demonstrating that both can be utilized in tandem.

We are all in the fight for freedom together. Bitcoin is freedom technology.
Use bitcoin freely.